Why choose a SmartLife app-enabled thermostat?


At Whisper Controls, we like to keep things straightforward for our customers and the end users of our products. That's why our MU range of thermostats for underfloor heating and electronic TRVs for radiators connect using the SmartLife plug-and-play app. This means that the ground-floor underfloor heating controls and first-floor radiator controls are all accessible from a single app.

Each thermostat has a Wi-Fi chip that can connect directly to your home Wi-Fi network and other smart devices without requiring an additional router. Although the battery-operated electronic TRVs need to use a Zigbee router, the advantage of SmartLife is that all of them appear in the same common App. It makes smart living easy and complies with the UK Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure Act 2022 (PSTIA).

The SmartLife app, used for controlling home heating systems and other smart home devices, offers several other benefits compared to leading app-based smart controls. It's compatible with smart home devices from Amazon, Google, Apple, and other brands, making our range feature-rich, user-friendly, and easy to use with a single common app. Plus, it enables users to control their home heating system remotely from any location, ensuring the home is warm when they return without leaving the heating on all day.

The app is globally renowned for its user-friendliness, ease of navigation and intuitive response, making it ideal for users who may be new to smart home technology. With its intuitive real-time monitoring, users receive real-time notifications and alerts on their smartphones if there are any issues with their heating system, such as sudden temperature drops or malfunctions. This immediate alert can help prevent problems with the heating system before they escalate.

It supports various manufacturers' devices, allowing users to choose devices that fit their budget without being locked into a specific system that might require more expensive solutions.

It can also help reduce energy consumption and utility bills by enabling precise control and scheduling of heating systems. The app's ability to monitor and adjust usage based on real-time data can lead to more efficient energy use.

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