Smart Thermostats


MU-200 Product Overview

The MU-200 is a PD Programmable Smart Digital Thermostat and the slimmest we've ever made, measuring only 12mm thick.

  • Room or zone thermostat with various applications.
  • Smartphone or direct control with soft touch icons.
  • No additional router is needed for installation.
  • Works with Smart home devices from Google, Amazon, and Apple.
  • Features Green Leaf energy-saving mode and single-touch override.

The MU-200 is a PD Programmable Smart Digital Thermostat that can be controlled by an app on your smartphone or directly using the five soft-touch icons along the right-hand side. It has a very slim, elegant design and is available in a white or black finish.

There is no need for an additional router, simplifying installation, time, and cost. The globally recognised Smart Life Plug and Play app makes installation fast and simple, with intuitive management features. It works with Smart home devices from Google, Amazon and Apple. It also provides icons for weather and humidity that are linked to the app.

An easy-to-use energy-saving mode called Green Leaf is built in. The single touch override gives end users a manual set-back function, automatically reducing the set temperature to a pre-selected level.

This programmable thermostat is designed to offer weekly planned cycles with 5 working days and 2 separate weekend choices (5+1+1) and each of these days can be set up to 6 different cycles of time and temperature.

The MU-200 can be used as a room or zone thermostat, managing the heat requirement in that area and signalling for heat as demanded. It can also switch zone valves, manage electric underfloor heating and connect to underfloor heating wiring centres.

If you need help finding the right controls for your project, call our expert team on 01993 640073.

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