Wiring Centres


KF-600 Product Overview

The KF-600 is an 8 way wiring centre for radiant underfloor heating systems with a 230v power supply and can be used to control up to 8 underfloor heating zones with 230v thermostat zone control. 

  • Gold LED pump indicator light when secondary UFH circulator pump is running.
  • Blue LED boiler indicator light when UFH system signals energysource for heat.
  • Red LED zone indicator lights when circuit is open to allow flow toUFH zone.
  • Adjustable pump delay to alleviate stress on secondary UFH circulator pump.
  • Adjustable boiler delay to alleviate stress on external energy sourcewhen system calls for heat.
  • Up to 2 thermal actuators per zone per allowing up to 16 UFH circuits in total. Multiple circuits can be controlled by a single zonecontrol thermostat, up to 8 in total.
  • Bespoke load protection fuse as standard for additional protection.
  • Easy cable access through removable access tabs and spacious terminals for ease of install.
  • Earth protection terminals are built in making earthing wiring simple.
  • Dedicated pump live and neutral terminal block makes pump connection straightforward.

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