Thermal Actuators


TS-22 Product Overview

Our small yet powerful thermal actuators play a crucial role in regulating the flow of warm water. Our TS-22 electric thermal actuator has extremely low power consumption.

The Manually Open (MO) Function allows for faster installation. This is carried out via the transparent control knob on the top being rotated anti-clockwise which allows the user to visually see the seat rising.  With this feature the installer can change the Normally Closed (NC) setting by hand, raising the actuator seat into an open position. This significantly reduces the tension on the spring-loaded manifold pin, allowing for easier and faster threading on of the actuator. 

  • Highly efficient, low-power actuator design.
  • Designed to open and close the manifold valves when the system requires.
  • Manual opening.
  • Reinforced polycarbonate casing.
  • Fully tested.

If you need help finding the right thermal actuator for your project, call our expert team on 01993 640073.