Thermal Actuators


TS-28 Product Overview

The TS-28 actuator provides a super-fast installation due to its quick connection design. The base ring is screwed to the manifold and the actuator is a simple click attachment. 

  • Base ring is screwed to the manifold, fitted with a simple click attachment.
  • Energy-efficient design.
  • The top hat rises 7mm to indicate when the valve is open.
  • Robust valve with 100 newtons closing force.
  • 80cm of pre-wired cable, ready to connect to the wiring centre.

The TS-28 has an energy-efficient design, is designed to last, and provides a trouble-free installation. The top hat rises 7mm, providing a clear indicator when the valve opens. It is a strong valve, at 100 newtons closing force, travelling 4mm between open and closed positions. It has 80cm of pre-wired cable, ready to connect to your wiring centre. 

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