Programmable & Digital Thermostats


ST-300 Product Overview

Our ST-300 is both a SD Simple Digital and a PD Programmable Digital smart thermostat, directly controlled using five tactile easy push buttons along the bottom front face. 

  • Capable of supporting an external sensor.
  • Utilises a locking function to prevent misuse.
  • A feature rich design, including open window detection capability, a temporary manual override button to take it out of current programme.
  • Designed to be used as a room or zone thermostat.

Defaulting to a weekly programming mode, select SD Simple Digital mode; in programming mode, simply select the option to disable, making this easier for users who do not need timed on-and-off sequences. The slimline styling is only 14mm back-to-front depth. The large LCD display face offers an easy-to-read screen. 

A mains powered low, energy thermostat, using less than 1 Watt of power to operate, costs less than conventional thermostats to operate. An energy saving mode is built in, which gives end users a manual or auto set back function, automatically reducing set temperature to a pre-selected level at a selected time, ideal for holiday or vacant occupancy. 

A programmable thermostat, that can also be set to be a simple digital thermostat, designed to offer weekly planned cycles with 5 working days and 2 weekend choices (5+2 or 5+1+1), and each of these days can be set to up 6 cycles of on and off. It has a highly accurate internal temperature sensor, able to be adjusted in 0.5°C increments, the high quality sensor reflecting human sensitivity to temperature changes. 

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