Smart Thermostats


MU-600 Product Overview

The MU-600 is a PD Programmable Smart Digital Thermostat, controlled by either an app on your smartphone or can be directly controlled using the easy press buttons. The clear LCD display offers an easy-to-read screen.

  • Room or zone thermostat with various applications.
  • Smartphone or direct control with soft touch icons.
  • No additional router is needed for installation.
  • Works with Smart home devices from Google, Amazon, and Apple.
  • Features Green Leaf energy-saving mode and single-touch override.

With Whisper products, there is no need for an additional router, simplifying installation, time, and cost. The globally recognised Smart Life Plug and Play app simplifies installation. MU-600 works comfortably with Smart home devices from Google, Amazon, and Apple, grouping thermostats for single-app control and app control that can be family-shared. 

An energy-saving mode is built in. This override gives end users a manual or timed setback function, automatically reducing the set temperature to a pre-selected level at a selected time, ideal for holiday or vacant occupancy. 

The MU-600 can be used as a room or zone thermostat, to switch zone valves, manage electric underfloor heating, and connect to underfloor heating wiring centres. 

A feature-rich product, including open window detection capability, a button lock to prevent misuse, and the ability to set minimum and maximum temperatures in regular use, ideal for children or vulnerable adults. 

The programming offers weekly planned cycles with 5 working days and 2 separate weekend choices. Each day can be set to 6 on-and-off cycles. 

It has a highly accurate internal temperature sensor, adjustable in 0.5°C increments. Capable of supporting an external sensor, to be used as either overtemperature protection, or remote sensing away from the thermostat body. 

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