The Whisper Difference


At Whisper Controls, we pride ourselves on our unique approach to customer support. Our business development manager, Paul Mee, exemplified this when he proactively intervened upon receiving an unexpected call from a homeowner struggling with his thermostat. Here, he shares his perspective on our customer-centric approach.

The homeowner had limited technical knowledge and had recently moved into his newly built property. After chatting with him, I quickly realised that he was struggling with a family member with health issues, resulting in frequent hospital visits. He felt overwhelmed and had other priorities, but he urgently needed the heating to be operational.

Instead of suggesting an electrical inspection, I took a more personal approach. I visited the customer in person to inspect the system and identify any faults. It turned out that it had been potentially damaged during installation. I replaced the fascia and set up the thermostat correctly. I also took the time to provide a brief tutorial on how to use the underfloor heating system effectively.

The customer was delighted and remarked, "It's nice to see a modern company doing exactly what they promised!" he was extremely grateful for the level of support he had received from us.

If we sound like the type of controls company you’d rather be working with, call our team on 01993 640073 to learn more about the benefits of our Whisper Controls.



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