Dial Thermostats


DT-430 Product Overview

Our user-friendly dial thermostats feature a classic and intuitive interface. They combine simplicity with precise temperature adjustments. Our DT-430 is a simple electronic dial thermostat with improved accuracy.

  • In and on-wall versions
  • The smooth, curved design provides an easier grip on the dial.
  • The in-wall version is suitable for a 35mm backbox.
  • Ring backlit design provides a warm red glow when calling for heat.
  • The remote sensor capability is NTC 10k with an overtemperature safety option.
  • Accurate to within 1°C.

A simple, attractive electronic dial thermostat, with improved accuracy compared to older dial thermostats. It has a smooth curved design providing an easier grip on the dial. 

In-Wall version suitable for a 35mm backbox and reduces the thickness to 26mm. 

On-Wall version of the DT-430 means there is no need for a back box or wall invasion and is only 35mm thick. 

The ring backlit design provides a warm red glow when calling for heat, switching off when up to set temperature. 

Remote sensor capable NTC 10k, with an overtemperature safety option. 

Accurate to within 1oC. 

If you need help finding the right dial thermostat for your project, call our expert team on 01993 640073.