Seasonal Pump Disorder


Maintaining your underfloor heating system, particularly the circulating pump, is crucial even during the summer months when the system is not in active use. Letting the pump sit idle can lead to "stiction," a condition where the pump may get stuck due to inactivity. Regularly exercising the pump ensures that it remains operational and reduces the risk of failure when you need the heating most.

Underfloor heating systems, particularly those that use water (also known as wet or hydronic systems), benefit from occasional checks to confirm they are fully operational. While electric UFH systems require minimal maintenance, wet systems might need professional servicing to ensure everything works optimally. These systems use a manifold to connect heating pipes and provide accurate temperature and pressure outputs, which can be easily monitored for maintenance.

Some underfloor heating products come with a function allowing the pump to self-exercise. This functionality should be part of the system's design to prevent stiction by ensuring that the pump and the entire system's circuits are periodically activated, promoting circulation even when the heating is unnecessary. This preventative measure helps maintain the system's efficiency and reliability. Circulating pumps often work with blending valves to regulate the water supply's temperature accurately. Some models of UFH pumps come with features that allow for self-exercising, contributing to the system's overall maintenance by ensuring smooth operation and preventing issues related to inactivity. Whisper offers a standalone solution, model HL-109, that can be retrofitted.

In summary, exercising your UFH system's circulating pump during the summer is a sensible approach to ensuring the longevity and efficiency of your heating system. It prevents the pump from getting stuck and ensures that your system operates without a hitch when winter arrives.

Regular maintenance is critical to a reliable and efficient underfloor heating system, whether through built-in functions in your heating system's control unit, a dedicated device like our HL-109 or a pump's self-exercising features.



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