High Limit Stats


HL-109 Product Overview

Our high-limit stat acts as a fail-safe mechanism, monitoring the heating system's temperature to prevent it from exceeding predetermined limits. In the event of any anomaly or potential overheating, it intervenes by interrupting the power supply. Our HL-109 is a versatile digital pipe thermostat capable of a number of underfloor heating and plant room solutions. It can be installed to protect the underfloor heating against heat sources over temperature failure or high-temperature cycles. This is ideal for project where a delicate floor finish has been installed, or the underfloor heating manifold has no mixing capability. 

Low Limit / Frost Protection Thermostat; For applications requiring low limit or frost protection the HL-109 can be used to drive a pump/ heat demand or trace heating to protect the system against frost. 

Pump Protection: To prevent pumps from seizing, the HL-109 can exercise a pump for 5 seconds every 5 days. This function is ideal when systems are in no or low demand and can prolong the pump's life. 

With simple power, up, and down buttons and a clear digital display, the HL-109 is ideal for quick, accurate set-up. The visible temperature reading allows system checks to be completed without further testing equipment. 

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