Wiring Centres


KF-510 Product Overview

Our KF-510 wiring centre is highly popular with our customers. It's suitable for a wide range of installations, and space within the cover is also a benefit of this model. The zone connections (for both the thermostats and actuators) are well-spaced, and there are also multiple cable entry points with cable braces, which keep the installation tidy, even when all zones are in use. 

  • Available in 6 and 10 way and 24v options.
  • Enables fast, straightforward heating control installation.
  • Adjustable pump delay.
  • Integrated connections for two independent valves.
  • Dedicated dip switch for pump opt-out in zone 10.
  • LED lit circuits for power, boiler and one of the two additional valves.

The KF-510 is a well-sized, robust design. With 10 zones as standard, a volt-free boiler interlock, and an adjustable pump delay, this product adds better performance capability to your underfloor heating system.

Integrated connections for two independent valves, typically a hot water cylinder and 1st-floor radiator circuits, making heating controls installation easier and faster. Typically, these can be two or three port zone valves. Zone 10 has a dedicated dip switch to opt the circuit out of operating the secondary circulation pump, beneficial for radiator circuits not needing the secondary pump.

With generous cabling entries at the top thermostat and bottom actuator, the installation is less crowded and easier to wire up. Featuring LED lit circuits visible for power, boiler, pump and one of the two additional valves. When the cover is closed, it makes for simpler troubleshooting and resolution.

If you need help finding the right wiring centre for your project, call our expert team on 01993 640073.